A Drive Through Taco Bell

For today’s next stop on The Fast Food Diet, I want you all to buckle up and come along a ride with me through Taco Bell’s Drive-Thru Diet.

And I know exactly what you are all thinking. Taco Bell? Really? Well, yes.

Taco Bell, and in particular its’ Drive-Thru Diet is a real fun stop on The Fast Food Diet.

Taco Bell’s Drive-Thru Diet offers a variety of items that will perfectly fit your diet, quenching every ounce of those generally unhealthy taco cravings you know so well.

The Drive-Through Diet Menu, also known as the Fresco Menu, possesses 4 tacos: The fresco crunchy taco, fresco soft taco, fresco grilled steak soft taco and finally the fresco chicken soft taco, ranging from 150 to 190 calories. These taco all have Taco Bell’s fresco sauce, which is a pico de gallo type salsa that gives the tacos a very fresh taste.

In addition to these tacos, the Drive-Thru Diet at Taco Bell has 3 great burritos for your journey on The Fast Food Diet: The fresco bean burrito, the chicken fresco burrito supreme and lastly the steak fresco burrito supreme, all of which also have the fresco salsa. All 3 of these burritos weigh in at approximately 350 calories, making them guilt-free items uncommon at most fast-food restaurants.

One last item offered as a part of Taco Bell’s Drive-Thru Diet is the side order of Pintos ‘n Cheese. This side item is a much healthier alternative that nachos or french fries offered at many food chains, and at only 170 calories, this protein-packed bowl of beans is the poster child of side items for The Fast Food Diet.

A feature of Taco Bell’s website that I am really fond of is their nutrition calculator, which I highly recommend you all check out.

This allows you to pick and choose what items you want to eat for your meal and know exactly how many calories you are going to consume, confident in your decisions, and confident in your diet.

A sample meal I would recommend is two of the crunchy frescho tacos and a side order of the pintos ‘n cheese. The two tacos add up to 300 calories (150 each) and the pinto beans are 170 calories. All in all, this meal calculates out to 470 calories, which easily meets the rigorous (not so much) standards of The Fast Food Diet.


If you eat a lot and you don’t think this will be enough food for you, you can always add another taco or whatever sounds good to you. Keep in mind the burritos too; they are roughly 350 calories each so a burritos with a side order of beans, or a burrito with one taco perfectly suffices, too.

As long as you keep your maintenance calories in mind and are cautious of your total calorie intake throughout the day, you have nothing to worry about when hitting up this Drive-Thru.


A Secret Gem

Today I want to give you a little insight on a true treasure in The Fast Food Diet.

The Flame Broiler is an amazing new, up and coming restaurant perfect for health-conscious individuals. They offer low-calorie meals perfect for the Fast Food diet, and are excellent alternatives to other unhealthy fast food.

The Flame Broiler keeps it simple: choose a bowl or a plate with white or brown rice, chicken or beef, and lastly the option for vegetables. Add hot sauce and/or soy sauce, and you have yourself a delicious, healthy meal.


I recommend selecting the bowl because it stands in at roughly 600 calories (200-300 less than the plate) depending on what types of meat and rice you select, according to The Flame Broiler official website.

I go with the half and half bowl, which is half chicken and half beef, brown rice and green onions on top. Believe me, there is no chance of you walking out of there still hungry thanks to their large portions. I have a huge appetite and I’m beyond full after every bowl, so at about $6, you can’t beat it.

At The Flame Broiler there is no frying, no transfat, no skin on the meat and lastly no MSG, all of which makes for a very nutritious meal.

There are currently 83 locations across the United States with more opening every month. If you have a Flame Broiler anywhere near you I would highly recommend checking it out.

The Flame Broiler is a weekly destination on my drive-through quest for fitness and it is perfect for you and The Fast Food Diet. The Flame Broiler is one smarter decision and one step closer toward your fitness goals.